Welcome to Colorectal MSS Trials Finder, the one-stop place to find and research clinical trials for MSS (Micro Satellite Stable) colorectal cancer patients.

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Disclaimer & important Information

NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Any information provided on this site and through our web and phone-based applications is based solely on publicly available clinical trial information and is for informational purposes only in order to facilitate subsequent discussions with MD/medical team.

Contents of this curated clinical trial list (which are in need of constant update) include:
1.        Currently known immunotherapy (“Im”) trials which allow MSS-CRC participants (Clinical Trial Phases 1-3).
2.        “Treading water” (“Tw”) non-immunotherapy trials (Phase 2-3) with published/presented significant CRC efficacy data in Phase 1 Clinical Trial testing.

Listing order does NOT imply suggested rank order.

THE TRIAL LIST IS *NOT* A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL AVAILABLE MSS-CRC CLINICAL TRIALS.  For a more complete (non-curated) list, complimentary electronic trial finder resources include:
•        Colon Cancer Alliance CRC Trial Finder
•        Cancer Research Institute/Emerging Med Immunotherapy Trial Finder

Each trial NCT# record hyperlink always has contact info for that trial. If the trial is at your medical center, your oncologist will probably help facilitate. If it is at a different medical center (often the case), you can self-refer yourself by calling/emailing the contact info given – contact of the trial does not need to be done by your MD. Once you establish contact, the trial’s medical team will guide you through the process of what you need to do – you do not need to know this info prior to contacting them! They will tell you what appointments you need to make (and help you make them), tell you what medical records they need, etc., and the rest of the process needed to be done to confirm if you are eligible for that trial.

Please contact the No Deer Here MSS-CRC Trial Finder Team if you see any trials we may have missed that meet our curation criteria or if any trials in our list have closed their MSS-CRC accrual.  This will allow us to constantly improve the trial list for everyone’s benefit in as close to real time as possible.